Warranty Provisions

INAX's manufacturer's guarantee

INAX shall grant guarantee services to the end consumer in accordance with the terms and conditions set out below for all products supplied to the end customer under the INAX brand.

Guarantee does not apply to products pre-fitted in projects (including but not limited to residences, hotels and commercial projects), the terms and conditions of the contractual agreement will be directly with the developer(s) during the Defects Liability Period (DLP).

End customer shall be every consumer purchasing the product.

The contractual and/or statutory rights of the end customer as against the respective seller and the statutory rights of the end customer as against the product manufacturer shall not be affected by this guarantee.

Guarantee services

INAX warrants that any products under the INAX brand purchased after 1st March 2022 shall be covered under INAX's Manufacturer's Guarantee. In assessing whether a product is eligible for the warranty claim, the date of invoice shall be used as the basis.

If inspection of these INAX products, within a period of guarantee after purchasing, confirms that it is defective under normal use in materials or workmanship, INAX will repair, or at its option, exchange the product for a similar model.

Any defects that occur shall be rectified by INAX at its own expense by way of repair or replacement at INAX's discretion.

Repair or replacement shall, at INAX's discretion, be performed either by a qualified specialist fitter or INAX service employee.

A defective product shall be exchanged by way of free delivery and installation of a new product of the same type and same quality. Should the defective product no longer be manufactured at the time of the guarantee event, INAX may deliver a Copyright © 2020 Lixil Group Corporation. All rights reserved. similar product of the same or greater value. Following the replacement, title of the defective product shall pass to INAX.

INAX shall assume the costs for any transport of the product in one direction. The end-consumer must provide access to the product that require replacement or repair.

Guarantee period

INAX Manufacturer's Guarantee shall apply for period as listed on the table below, commencing from the date of purchase of INAX products by the end customer.

Product Waranty Period
1. Vitreous china ware (VC) and component parts (exclude seat & cover) 2 years
2. VC: seat & cover only 1 year
3. Faucet 1 year
4. Shower Head and Rainshower Head 5 years
5. Others (including electrical parts, e.g. pump for whirlpool) 1 year

The guarantee period shall not be extended by any repair work authorised by INAX or exchange of the product or parts, nor shall it commence to run anew. The same shall apply if these guarantee terms and conditions are enclosed with the replacement product.

Guarantee prerequisites

A prerequisite for a guarantee claim shall be the submission of the original invoice with the purchase date and must clearly indicate the name and address of the seller and the place of purchase.

Moreover, claims under this guarantee shall only be given if the product is properly installed, mounted and operated. The installation and operational instructions as well as the technical data sheet issued by INAX must always be observed. This shall apply irrespective of whether installation is performed by a qualified specialist fitter or whether the end customer installs and mounts the product on its own.

In order to claim the INAX Manufacturer's Guarantee the product must be duly and properly cleaned and cared for in accordance with the INAX care instructions and operated in accordance with the operational instructions.

The technical product information, technical data sheets and INAX care instructions may be found in the sales packaging and on INAX website.

n the event of questions concerning maintenance and care, INAX's after sales service team will be happy to assist and can be contacted on +959 400502052 or alternatively via email (htooaung.naing@lixil.com).

Notification must be given within a reasonable time after the defect has been discovered, however, in any case prior to the expiration of the guarantee period.

Exclusion of the guarantee

Claims may not be asserted under the guarantee,

  • If the product was not purchased and registered through INAX's Local Authorised Dealer Stores.
  • If the product was not properly installed, cared for, maintained or repaired, in accordance with INAX's instructions, valid water regulations and best plumbing practice.
  • If the product does not have isolation valves (water and electrical), or the product is not wholly accessible.
  • If the product is defective out of the box - in this instance the product must be returned to place of purchase.
  • If the product is not installed/removed.
  • If the defect is attributable to incorrect operation or incorrect handling of the product.
  • If the defect occurs due to missing or incorrect maintenance.
  • If spare parts other than original INAX spare parts are used during repairs or maintenance of the product.
  • If the defect was caused by transport or installation of the product.
  • If the surface has been scratched.
  • If the product is a display / ex display product, or second hand.
  • If consumables (such as filters, filter cartridges, aerators or batteries) or material subject to wear and tear (such as seals) are affected.
  • If the defect was caused by a breakage of fragile parts (such as glass or light bulbs).
  • If the defect occurs due to aggressive environmental influences (such as chemicals, cleaning agents), lime scale or disruptions due to ice and/or lime.
  • If the defect is caused by specific environmental circumstances (e.g. excess or negative pressure in the line, excess voltage or undervoltage on the line).
  • If the defect is attributable to willful or negligent damage to the product by the end customer or a third party.
  • If the product was purchased on auction sites, either consumer to consumer or second hand.
  • If missing parts or product defects are not reported within 30 days of purchase.
  • For additional costs incurred i.e loss of earnings due to time taken off of work, cost of phone calls.
  • For failure to pay any outstanding invoice for non-warranty calls

INAX will review each specific case and assess whether the guarantee prerequisites have been met and whether there are any grounds for exclusion. If a guarantee claim is asserted and it emerges during an inspection of the product by INAX that there was no defect or there is no guarantee claim for one of the above reasons. INAX is entitled to charge a service fee of USD120 or equivalent.

If, however, the defect is rectified by INAX, the services rendered may be charged to the customer based on the incurred expenses (material, wages, travel expenses).


This guarantee only applies to the extent explicitly mentioned above and subject to the prerequisites mentioned above and may be asserted by any consumer holding title to the product